Die Stadt Hannover

The View
Given its numerous extensive parklands, Hannover is a particularly green city with a lot of diversion and natural attractions. “Herrenhäuser” gardens, including the Baroque-style “Großer Garten,” are an excellent example of such and a "must see" attraction of the city. Nature lovers: when you get to Hannover you’ll know you made the right choice.
The Culture
The cultural life in Hannover is second to none: the inner city abounds with museums, and there are several theaters and cinemas offering discounts on entry tickets for students. In summer, Lake Maschsee becomes a gathering point for the residents. Not to mention “HDI-Arena,” the stadium which hosts numerous sporting events, located right by the lake.
The University
“Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz” University is the most famous higher education institution in Hannover. It offers mostly courses in technological and scientific disciplines. You can choose between 90 subjects and 180 courses. The university also provides ample opportunities to enjoy sports, offering even exotic courses such as “Capoeira” classes.
The Atmosphere
Students from all around the world live in Hannover, especially in the vivacious Linden district, with its many bars serving students for an afternoon casual pint or two. Among the most popular bars are the “Zechkeller” pub, “Mezzo” café, “Safran” café, “Glockensee” café, “Notenkiste” music bar and the “Masa” restaurant.
The Size
Sometimes, size DOES matter. Hannover, Lower Saxony’s capital, is one of the 15 largest cities in Germany. Although green and serene, it offers its inhabitants the advantages of the big city: accessibility by car or public transportation, terrific higher education schools and a high quality of life at an affordable price.

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