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Why Studenthouses?

We offer you student accommodation all across Germany.
Here you can find rooms as well as apartments; all are tailored to students' needs and feature affordable prices, proximity to the universities and a fun, student atmosphere.

Halls of Residence or a Private Apartment?

If you enjoy a college environment, cohabitation and social gatherings, consider one of our halls of residence. If you prefer a more laid-back atmosphere and value your privacy, look into our private apartments selection. Make your pick by browsing through our accommodation options.


Flats and Apartments

Looking for a private apartment? Just pick from our affordable apartments selection!  

The Bochum Hall of Residence

The hall of residence in Bochum offers a communal areas cleaning service, free Wifi, a 24/7 concierge service and women-only floors for female students. Read more about it here.


The Mönchengladbach Hall of Residence

The hall of residence in Mönchengladbach offers perks such as a party room with a projector, a bar, table tennis and table football, a courtyard with a barbecue stand and Wi-Fi. Read more about it here.

The Hannover Hall of Residence

The student complex in Hannover is located only few minutes from the university and boasts a private gym, a pub, and six communal kitchens! Read more about it here.


The Mainz Hall of Residence

The Mainz student hall is central, yet surrounded by a breath taking, green setting. Move into one of our beautiful apartments and make yourself at home. Read more about it here.

Studies in Bochum

The lively Bochum offers much more than one of Germany's best universities. Click here to come upon its best assets.

Studies in Mönchengladbach

Architecture, a vibrant theater, and a green environment all in one place. Click here to unveil the wonders of Mönchengladbach.

Studies in Brandenburg

There's more to Brandenburg than breathtaking landscape and proximity to Berlin. Click here to discover this little piece of heaven.

Studies in Hannover

What makes Hannover the heart of lower Saxony and what are its 'must see' highlights? Click here to find out its secrets.

Studies in Mainz

Mainz is the ultimate combo between history and modern lifestyle. Click here if you wish to explore its top attractions.